Become a Member: Individual/Family

Individuals and Families are encouraged to support the Be Local Broome initiative. Except for the nominal fees charged by our online payment processor, all your membership dollars are re-invested in the local community to build and sustain the work of Be Local Broome Brand and in so doing realize the10% Shift and create wealth and well-being across all socio-economic sectors in our region.
You are the trail-blazers and real leaders and where you go others will follow. Be Local Broome encourages all Organization members to extend special “bennies” to the residents who carry an Individual/Family membership ID card.

Sprout ($25/yr.) Sapling ($50/yr.) Sycamore ($100/yr.) Sequoia ($250/yr.) Sustainer ($500/yr.)

Become a Member: “Organizations” – Local Independent Businesses and Non-Profits


The business/organization is privately held (not publicly traded)
50% of owners live in the region
Business/organization is headquartered in NY
Business/organization is able to make independent decisions
Business/organization is supportive of the long-term sustainability of the region and local Quality of Life

Organization Member Categories

Category Type Description Annual Membership 2014
Special Artist/Artisan/Farm/Co-op/Local ESOP/Civic Group at any annual gross revenue level & Non-Profits under $500K & Start-ups with less than $100K. $100 annual payment or $10/month
Under $500K Any organization with revenues under $500K/yr. - not included in Special $250 annual payment or $25/month
Under $1M Revenue Any organization with revenues between $500K and $1M/yr. $500 annual payment or $50/month
Over $1M & Anchors Any organization with revenues over $1M or considered an Anchor institution $750 annual payment or $75/month
“Anchor Institutions”
Anchor institutions are municipal, non-profit or for-profit entities that, by virtue of their size and impact, act as economic engines for cities and regions. The placed-based nature of anchor institutions, such as universities, hospitals and cultural centers makes them important players in local economic development and typically mean that they have "sticky" capital - it is localized. In some cases, for example SUNY Broome and B.U., Lourdes, UHS, etc., the Anchor Institution may not be “local” according to the Be Local Broome criteria published above, but it would be counter-productive to exclude these important organizations. Local Foundations and the United Way represent "sticky" capital type anchor organizations. There are numerous examples of how the economic power of these anchor institutions can be more effectively harnessed, so that they could contribute greatly to community wealth building.  Evergreen Cooperatives in Cleveland is one such model.

“Special” - Small Non-Profits, Artists, Farms, etc.
As with Anchor institutions, it is important to recognize the contributions and roles of a multitude of small non-profits, artists, artisans, farms and cooperative businesses in creating real wealth in our community. (For more on this topic see the Seven Forms of Financial Wealth on the BRSC website.)
As one of the purposes of Be Local Broome is to stimulate local entrepreneurship, we extend the Special Category status to start-up for profit businesses with projected annual revenues of less than $100,000 for their first 12 months of operation. 
Local cooperatives are values-driven organizations that are owned by their members. As long as the membership is largely local, we accord a special status to cooperatives because of their local wealth-building characteristics. We leave it up to the Cooperative to contribute according to their values as clearly, some of the larger cooperatives are capable of supporting the Be Local Campaign in many different ways that may be just as or more significant than their membership level commitment to the Be Local Broome movement.


  Special Categories Artist/
Artisan/Farm/Coop/ Nonprofit & Start-ups, up to $99k/Civic Group
Under $500k
Annual Rev/budget & Nonprofit $99k to >$499k
Under $1M
Rev/budget & Non-Profit $500K -$999K
Over $1M
Annual Rev/budget
& Anchor Institutions
Valid January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014   $100yr. /$10month $250 yr. /$25 month $500 yr. /$50 month
$750 yr./$75mth.
Member Kit:  Decal, Buy Local Poster, Be Local Broome Bennies Cards  
Cross Promotion & Branding: Use of Be Local Broome graphics on your website, ads and print materials  
Post to  the Searchable Directory, Calendar, Events  
Directory Listing + Map+ Logo+ 3 line description  
Deals and BLB-Bennies™ & Upcoming Events Scroll  
3,000 micro-ads on BLB-Bennies Cards     $100 $100 $100 $100
Member Organization of the Month and Event of the Month Rotating Banner - Maximum of three slots   $100 month $100 month $100 month $100 month
Thank You Local Sponsors Rotating Banner - Your Logo on multiple pages     $50 mo. ($500 yr.) $50 mo. ($500 yr.) $50 mo. ($500 yr.) $50 mo. ($500 yr.)
Member of the Month Spotlight Rotating Banner on the Front Page Maximum of three slots   $100 mo. ($1000/yr.) $100 mo. ($1000/yr.) $100 mo. ($1000/yr.) $100 mo. ($1000/yr.)

Our Region. Our Future. Our Choice.
Our Region. Our Future. Our Choice.
Organization Member of the Month


Individual Members Are Special!

Every Individual Member has declared her commitment to the idea of spending her dollars locally. She (or He) is some one every local indie business owner wants to cultivate. We encourage Be Local Members to think about ways to welcome and appreciate this kind of commitment. It translates to more local spending and to greater public support for local enterprise generally.

Obviously, Bennies for Members Only is one way to say Thank You, other ideas might be host a special sales event...a backstage pass...tour of the manufacturing facility...a seminar for members only...Inviting committed Localists to come see the wealth of talent and enterprise that is happening in our community is good for all of us!

Organization Member Benefits and Promotional Opportunities