The economy. Our community. They’re important to us, but many times we do not connect them. They are connected, and when one suffers, so does the other. In recent years, both the sense of community and the economy of Broome County have experienced challenges. It’s easy to be discouraged. While people in Broome County want to see things get better, they often just don’t know what they can do. But the truth is, there is something we can do.
"Building a Better Broome County by Building the Local Economy"
Helping build the local economy will help build the community and Be Local Brome can help by connecting locally owned business to customers.
Local businesses can be a kind of cement that helps build strong communities.  A strong relationship between local merchants and local customers can will make life better by enhancing the local economy and restoring a sense of community in Broome County.
Simply put, Be Local Broome helps to build a better community and stronger economy by providing a way for locally owned businesses to connect with local customers. Studies show that even a 10% shift in buying habits of local customers to locally owned businesses can put more money back into the local economy and create new local jobs. BLB will:
  • Create a platform for local business and service providers to advertise goods and services
  • Give local customers a directory of local business to connect them with local businesses
  • Provide an active forum for events and community activities sponsored by local businesses
By becoming a builder with BLB , you will make a real difference in the community. Locally owned business will be able to connect with local consumers and local consumers can find locally owned businesses that can meet their needs as they help build the local economy & a better Broome County.
Sounds like a good idea. How does it work?
If you are a locally owned business, you can become a member of BLB. Your membership dues will give you access to the BLB website, allowing you to reach new customers, advertising your business and offering specials as well as informing the community about events and community activities your  business sponsors. Click here for more info.
If you are a local consumer, you can find local businesses that are part of BLB, businesses that recognize that we are all part this community. You can help build a better Broome by working toget with them. You will have access to the BLB directory of locally owned businesses and be able to connect with locally owned businesses that will welcome you. Click here for more info.